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  • JM-1511PR

● Headquarter, Taipei: established in 1980
● Australia office: established in 1988 - Perth / Sydney
● Shanghai office / Facilities: established in 2002 
● Tainan warehouse: established in 2002 
● As one of the leading supplier in Asia, Homer Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to provide customer with superior products at the very best advantageous prices since 1980.
● We are familiar with the supply chain of aftermarket, including applications for automobiles, motorbikes, trucks,......etc.
● Our customers stretch all the way from Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, North America and Latin America. 
● We are constantly looking  for partners. Please contact us and enjoy a bilateral beneficial relationship.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Service
Payment Term: T/T
Chrome Symbol

● "R" (Red)
● Size :76 x 55 x 4mm
Installation :
● Determine suitable location.
● Clean, wash and degrease area thoroughly.
● Peel protective layer off of double sided tape.
● Position carefully and press firmly into place.
● For best results, temperature should be between 18-30˚C.
Warning :
01. After sticking the products, do not touch the double sided tape. Avoid contact with water for 24 hours.
02. Do not tear off the double sided tape repeatedly.
03. Avoid positioning the product close to a location on the vehicle with high temperatures.
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